This is my second order. I really enjoy your products and appreciate the extra buckle you sent me last time with my first order. I will continue to be a return customer! :-)
— Melvin

Your belts and buckles are the only ones I wear anymore. Having to go thru metal detectors daily, they are the only ones to wear and they look as good or better than expensive belts sold in clothing stores. Thanks!
— Jeffrey

This is the second belt for my husband I am buying from you. I bought the first belt 4 years ago and my husband still wears it daily! His skin reacts to metal buckles so your belts have been the answer for him. Thanks so much!
— Stephanie

I am military and bought your belt in 2014, and used it for Secret Service work for four years. with an abundance of metal detectors I had to pass thru, it was very handy. now I work for the U.S. CENTRAL Command general, traveling to the middle east constantly. your belt is still going strong. I travel around 200 days of the year, so it gets lots of use. just ordered a backup in case this one breaks.
— Sgt. Justin Barnhill USAF

I am ordering my third belt from beep tech. I love the quality of the entire product. I still have all the buckles from previous purchases. They are made so durable that they outlast the leather belt by years. And it’s a great quality leather too. Thanks, Jim, for making such awesome products!
— Kevin