Standard (30MM) Specialty Belt Buckles

Standard Notched Brushed Nickel Buckle

Yes, we do sell a couple metal buckles. This stylish brushed nickel belt buckle is custom-designed and a great item to add to your order. This buckle is not for those with nickel allergies, but it is a great accoutrement for any Beep Free Belt!

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The nickel buckle is metal and will alarm.

Standard Hypoallergenic Titanium Belt Buckle

Okay, we had to have a metal buckle or two! This surgical-grade titanium belt buckle may not be entirely"Beep Free," but it is one of the lightest and strongest buckles you will ever own, and it's completely nickel-free and hypoallergenic! Experience the style and practicality of this one-of-a-kind buckle.

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